Sociedad Proa Ltda.

Chilean seafood products.
Chiloé - Chile.

Loxechinus albus.
Sea Urchin
Product: Frozen Sea Urchin Roe.
Common name: Erizo.
Description: Sea Urchin roe frozen, decorated in a 100 grams mold.
Pack: 30 Molds of 100 grams in carton master 3 Kgs.
Season: March to October.

Capture is done by divers in small boats, wich are delivery to a medium ship carrying raw materials to the port of disembarkation.

After arrival at the factory is stored in a refrigerated room for processing.

The manual process is 100%.
It is classified by color and size, giving 5 degrees:

AA = Whole Roe > 3 cm. Yellow            color.
= Whole Roe > 3 cm. Yellow         little dark color.
= Whole Roe > 3 cm. Dark color. C = Broken Roe > 1 cm. Yellow         color.
C1 = Broken Roe > 1 cm. Yellow           little dark color.

Freezing is a static tunnel -30 °C, then stored in camera -22°C until shipment.